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Every mail room is different. No two companies have the exact same needs. Whether small or big, one-at-a-time or production speed, American Mailing Systems has the experience and expertise to customize your mail flow equipment.

  Mail Machines:

The basic function of a mail machine is to print postage directly on your envelope. Equipment options range from small machines (suggested minimum monthly postage expenses of $75), to high-powered production size machines capable of processing over 300 letters-per-minute. Scales range from the basic 2 pound platform to 150 pound interfaced weigh platforms. With Weigh-on-the-Way (WOW) the scale will automatically measure the demisions of each piece along with the weight, eliminating the need to presort your mail and ensuring correct postal rate class application. All postage meters come with SoftGuard: keeping your postal rates up to date without ever purchasing additional software.

  Document Creation:

Mail is a crucial element for growing your business and retaining your hard-earned customers, and it's a proven tool for acquiring new ones. Give your mail a professional touch with our line of Pitney Bowes printers. Fixed head address printers help to eliminate returned mail. A full color laser system enables printing onto a wide range of envelopes and paper, giving your company a cohesive look. All Document Creation systems provide high quality color output, color matching and are compatible with various types of media and handle a variety of thicknesses.


  Folders and Inserters:

Your time is valuable. Hand folding documents and stuffing envelopes is neither productive nor cost effective. With a wide range of options, American Mailing Systems can help you find the perfect fit! Whether you need to single fold an individual page, or automatically collate, fold, and insert multiple pages we have a system to streamline your document preparation and reduce overall mail room costs.


  Document Finishing:

Give your mailing that finishing touch! Our tabbers apply United States Postal Service authorized sealing tabs and waffers with a single "peel-and-stick" motion. Get your vital communications out the door and to your customers quicker and easier!



We offer a complete line of mailing and shipping software aimed to keep you in control of your customer mailing list AND your bottom line. No matter the size of your company, American Mailing Systems can help you reach your customers online, verify mailing addresses, track incoming and outgoing shipments through multiple carriers, and provide the most detailed accounting controls in the industry.


  Mailroom Accessories:

Keep your mailroom running smoothly! Letter Openers and custom-designed furniture options allow for start-to-finish efficiency. Our unique visitor management solutions allow you to track who is coming and going, whether visitors, contractors or employees.