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About Us

We LOVE South Louisiana! This is HOME! This is our FAMILY!

Co-owners Remi DeLouche (born and raised in New Orleans) and Kathy DeLouche (born and raised in New Iberia) believe strongly that the best way we can support our HOME is to support the businesses and organizations that make these communities great! For example, we have donated reconditioned equipment to the local Food Bank and to the Boy Scouts, and we annually donate service maintenance to area school boards. We believe that we have an obligation to our community, and that supporting these and other organizations across South Louisiana is vital to sustaining area growth and building a better Louisiana!

We are members of the local chambers we serve. STAFF WIDE we are avid patrons of the companies we humbly call our customers. We bank with our customers. Our doctors, lawyers, CPA's and insurance providers are our customers. We take pride in supporting our community not JUST as a company, but as consumers as well!

We are blessed to have the most knowledgeable and amazing team in the industry! Our staff (NOT including owners Kathy and Remi) have over 81 YEARS combined WITH AMERICAN MAILING SYSTEMS! And over 100 YEARS in the industry!

We know our customers by name and they know us. We know the industry. We support our customers through the physical installation, operation, and upkeep of their equipment AND through the practical implementation of the United States Postal Service's policies and best-practices.